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Why Do Fortune 500 Companies Trust TrialCorp Consulting?

Fortune 500 companies trust TrialCorp Consulting, because they count on our specialists to keep them well-represented during their civil cases. Our Houston, Texas-based consulting company offers a high level of personal attention and professional service for businesses and legal practices throughout the nation. Our president, Don Compton, consults on each project and brings his knowledge and expertise of more than 30 years of working with high-risk civil litigation cases for large corporations into play.

Put the Trial in Your Favor

Gain the support you deserve during a critical liability case with billions of dollars at risk. Between the design, conduct, and analysis involved with our jury consultant research, our clients receive persuasive messages and highly practiced strategic ideas from among thousands of pages of pledges and depositions. The persuasive ideas inherited in each case are cast into the messages of jurors who sponsor and defend us during delegations.

Providing Fair Representation

Assuring each juror is fully committed to your case and is well-equipped to defend against the ideas and arguments of your opponent is our goal. By controlling the last 45 minutes of deliberations and assuring jurors have the tools they need to persuade a full jury, our clients maximize their chances for a victory. Our process is quite simple: create persuasive themes and strategies for a jury to listen, read, think, create, and test. Winning the hearts and minds of jurors is due to the use of these themes, as well as courtroom skills of trial lawyers who place their trust in our work.

Court Room

Catering Resources for Our Clients

Contribute from the persuasive ideas that the jury gains through effective resources during a trial. Our price structure is designed to provide service to law firms, corporations, and individuals, with complex issues and facts that determine the outcome of a trial. Our service permits legal practitioners to fine-tune an important case before it reaches the courtroom. We devote ourselves, our time, and our resources to the individual needs and special requirements of each client.