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"I have had the opportunity to work with Don Compton of TrialCorp Consulting on a number of cases over the last 12 to 15 years. He has provided trial consulting services in connection with cases ranging from significant personal injury claims to product liability claims and complex business disputes.

I have found his preparation to be thorough and extensive, his approach to the use of focus groups, mock trials, jury questionnaires and the like to be insightful and his input and suggestions for trial strategy to be invaluable. He recognizes and appreciates the differences between the various pools of potential jurors one is likely to find in various venues and is able to provide helpful guidance to counsel as to how to prepare and try a case tailored to the particular venue. As one senior partner in a well-known Texas litigation firm stated, following our work with TrialCorp Consulting in a high-profile, multi-fatality case, 'Don is the first trial consultant to provide really useful information, both at the settlement and trial stages of a case.'

I can recommend Mr. Compton without reservation for all trial consulting services. If you need further information regarding my prior experience with Mr. Compton, please do not hesitate to contact me."
—J. Albert K.

"I am writing this letter on behalf of Don Compton, with whom I have worked on several matters during the course of my 26 years of practicing law.

Mr. Compton has provided invaluable analysis, insight, and assistance in several lawsuits and disputes. He has an incredible ability to identify key and problem issues and help attorneys address them in an efficient and effective manner.

Mr. Compton's analysis is supported by both empirical data and his years of experience in the field. As a consequence, Mr. Compton adds immeasurable value to complex assignments. I would recommend his services wholeheartedly."
—Ileana M. B.

"I have worked with Don several times over the years on important jury trial cases. Don is as good as anyone in the business. He is hardworking, insightful, and very good with clients. He has always done everything that he promises to do and more. He reads all the depositions and examines the evidence and legal arguments to make sure that we are best representing our client. I have also found him to be very efficient and cost effective. In short, I highly recommend him. Please contact me if you have any questions about Don."
—Carter C.

"I can wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Don Compton and his company, Trial Corp. I have known and worked with Don for more than 20 years and his work has always been excellent. Don has done all types of jury research for me from public opinion surveys to multi-day mock jury exercises. I have also found that Don has some very innovative ideas for use as trial themes. Please give me a call if you have any questions about Don or his company."
—J. Clifford G.

"I recently finished a jury trial in which Don Compton served as our jury consultant. Let me take that back. He served as more than our jury consultant - he took on the role of trial counselor. And he was a well prepared one: Don read every key deposition, reviewed the hot documents, and studied all the relevant pre-trial briefs. He provided our trial team with helpful analysis in connection with the types of questions to ask during voir dire. But his role didn't end there.

After helping our side pick the jury, Don attended most of the trial on his own nickel. We were delighted when he asked (again without charge) to attend our evening trial team meetings. He offered useful insights as to trial themes that seemed to resonate with the jury and those that did not. He played a significant role helping us create and organize the PowerPoint slides used during opening and closing. I'm grateful for his hard work and dedication to our case. I'd hire Don again; indeed, I just did two weeks ago in another matter."
—Shawn L.